How to Negotiate the Best Real Estate Deal


Whether you’re a buyer or a seller you want to succeed in the realty marketplace. That’s natural and reasonable, but what are the steps you need to triumph? Here are they,

A)What does the market say:At various times we’re in a “buyers” market, a “sellers” market, or a market where housing supply and demand are roughly equal. If possible, you want to be in the market at a time when it favors your position as a buyer or seller.B) Who has leverage:If you’re on the front page of the local paper because your business went bust—and the buyer knows it—you have little clout in the bargaining process.C) What are the details:A lot of attention in real estate is paid to transaction prices. This surely makes sense, but the key to a good deal may be more complex.D) What about financing:Real estate transactions involve a trade—houses for money. We know the house is there, but what about financing? There are several factors that impact the money issue.E) Who has expertise:Imagine you’re in a fight. The other guy has black belts in 12 martial arts—and you don’t. Who’s going to win?Brokers have long represented sellers, and now buyer brokerage is entirely common.

   Remember if you are a buyer or a seller, always go for an experienced and professional real estate agent,such as Real Estate Coach Orlando, who can guide you and help you accomplishing a successful real estate deal.

Important Tips for Finding an Apartment

Be prepared. You’ll be making dozens of phone calls a day as you search for your apartment. You need an apartment and you need it now. But how do you find the right one, the apartment with your name on it? We’ve got tips for you to be successful on the hunt.

Get yourself in a gung-ho apartment search frame of mind. You will be making dozens of phone calls and leaving many messages. If your messages aren’t returned the next day, you should call again, of course doing so with the utmost tact. If you don’t have a local phone number, get one. Apartments Unlimited rents out very inexpensive voice mail boxes.

Keep your checkbook with you. When you see an apartment which looks good to you, you are going to have to decide and act upon it quickly. Good places do not stay on the market long! People constantly lose good places due to indecision.

Collect all of your rental information before you visit your first vacancy. You may want to fill out an Apartments Unlimited application form. These forms are comprehensive and accepted by most landlords.

Have a credit report with you and give yourself an edge over the next guy. Landlords will be impressed by your organization and preparedness. As well, you’ll save money by not having to shell out for each and every landlord that requires one.

Dress and groom as though you are going to a job interview. In many respects it is the same. Landlords of really good units usually have their pick of several applicants. They are looking for:

  • Someone both able and responsible enough to pay rent on time.
  • People who will treat them and their property with care and respect.
  • Quiet tenants who will not be disturbing to other tenant or neighbors.

Always keep your appointments and always show up on time. No-shows are a major source of frustration for building managers and landlords.

Don’t get discouraged. Finding a great place is not easy, but it is well worth the effort. Keep your chin up, get back on the phone and remember to always sound cheerful!

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